Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cold and Wet March

We had some snow this morning, just a light dusting, but it is cold and rainy now. March has sure been a mixture of weather, but it is going out like a lion.

Spring Break at Rockaway Beach

We spent four days of Spring vacation at Rockaway Beach at the family cabin. We had a couple of wonderful sunny days, and 1 day of pouring down rain. It is so relaxing to go to the little red cabin, but no computer.
Twin Rocks, the view from the cabin.

The little red cabin
Mom and my sister, Linda

Me, sister Laurie, Mom, and sister Linda

Leaving on Saturday. Saying goodbyes to brother Henry, his wife, Cindy, Hannah, the dog, and sister Laurie.

The view from Neakahnie Mountain on the way home.

Couples Bunco

We hosted the couples bunco party. St Patrick's Day was the theme.
Dolly and Susan Susan and Carl
Jerry is tickled



Marilyn, Dolly, and Mary are figuring out who are the winners.

March Birthdays

Kathy, Logan , and Stephanie have birthdays in early March. Kathy's is on March 4th, Logan's birthday is March 5th and he turned 19, and Stephanie's is on March 12and she is now 20 years old, no longer a teenager. We hosted the birthday dinner and dessert.
Mike is enjoying his great grandson Dawson Hunter. He is growing so fast.

Catching Up again & again

Stewart came up the other day and told me that he had visited my blog and had gone back to pictures of the fire. I was excited that a family member had actually visited, so I decided that I had better keep blogging. I haven't done much blogging for quite awhile, and what I have done just seems to be catch-up. So today I'm catching up again, and hopefully I'll keep up.
I worked 14 1/2 days in February and I have worked 9 1/2 days so far in March. I like subbing and seeing the kids and teachers.
Kendall, our granddaughter is raising money for her trip to Washington DC. We enjoyed the spaghetti feed and bingo night that they put on.
In March we celebrated March birthdays. Logan, our grandson, Stephanie, our granddaughter, and Kathy, our daughter-in-law have March birthdays. It was also a farewell party for Stephanie. She left for South Africa just a couple of days after the party, and she will be there for 6 months. Logan is also leaving soon for the Navy.
We hosted a St. Patrick's Day couples bunco party. We always start with a potluck and again there was wonderful food.
On St. Patrick's day we went to the casino to play in a slot tournament. We didn't win, though. It is fun to go, but not fun to lose.
We headed for the beach for Spring vacation. We really had a nice couple of day. We ended the vacation on Saturday with a get together with my sisters and their husbands, Mom, and my brother, Henry and his wife. Mom treated us all to lunch at Pirate's Cove near Garibaldi.
Of course, along with these activities there is also bridge every Monday with Sally, Eleanor, and Nancy. This is one of my favorite things to do. I also played pinochle with the pinochle group, went to Forest Grove to play bunco, had a couple of Red Hat activities, attended P.E.O meetings, did the year end report as treasurer for P.E.O., and went to see the tax man, a visit I don't enjoy.

Founder's Day Luncheon

P.E.O. Chapter BS hosted our Founder's day Luncheon. Our guests were the Chapters from St. Helens and Clatskanie. We had a lovely lunch of quiche and fresh fruit followed with a Valentine cream cheese cake. Clatskanie Chapter CT provided the progam. A fun time was had by all. Mary and President Janet

Tobie and Pat

The program committee

Monday, March 29, 2010

Each year this crazy bird visits us. He flies into the window, pecks on the window, and makes a mess of the window. I don't know what the attraction is, but he has appeared each Spring for about 4 years. He looks like a robin. Is he a robin? What is the lifespan of these birds?

He seems to be giving me the evil eye. Why? What have I done?
When he isn't at the window, he just hangs around.

The kitty get annoyed with him , also, but so far the bird has outsmarted kitty.