Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've had some cold weather again. The snow is so beautiful, but I think I've had enough for this year.
On Monday this week, I gave up playing bridge to work. I subbed in the Spanish class. I could help with beginning Spanish, but thank goodness there was a student aide in the second year Spanish class that could help with translation. I like subbing in the high school. It was a good day.
Monday night we had a scout cabin meeting. Vernonia is so fortunate to have a very nice place to have events. It is called the scout cabin, because the original scout cabin was lost in the flood of 96. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, especially Shirley and DeeDee, the building was rebuilt. They have a committee to help with making the decisions that come up about the upkeep, etc. I am a new member of the committee. Shirley and DeeDee are still that main force behind the success of beautiful building.
I got a call to sub on Tuesday, because the other sub didn't think he could get to Vernonia with the icy roads, but when I got to school, he was there, so I went home. I did get a chance to play pinochle in the afternoon though. DeeDee and Betty were hostesses and it was very nice. I had a good time, even though I didn't get very good cards.
Tuesday evening we had a P.E.O. meeting. We installed a new member. Allison has agreed to become our newest sister.
Wednesday, today, I subbed in Science. Mrs. Riley is such a good teacher that being her sub is a piece of cake. The students are so well trained to be respectful and work quietly that it continues when a sub comes. It was even a little boring.
Tonight we went to our grandson's last home wrestling match. His father, our son, Rick, died a few years ago, and we have tried to be there for Logan and his sister, Stephanie. I felt so fortunate tonight because when he was introduced, he had us come out and be introduced with him. he presented me with a rose. He is a very nice young man, and a good wrestler, too. He won his match.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to a doctor that specializes in Rhemotology. I don't know if anything can be done to stop the progress of my arthritis, but I'm going to see.
Tomorrow night is our Red Hat party. We missed the party in December because of the weather, but we finally are going to have a potluck and a white elephant gift exchange. It should be fun.
Friday, I'll work if they call me.

Logan and his uncles at last weeks match.

It was a privilege to accept this rose.

Logan had a tough match, but he won.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something New

The weather has been cold here. It was 36 degrees when I walked downtown today. There is still some snow and ice around. I put sunflower seeds out for the birds. Not all birds will come to a bird feeder, so I put a board down in the front of the house and put some seeds on it. I noticed that the seeds were disappearing quickly after I put them out, but I didn't see any birds. I put some more out and watched. I caught the culprits. It was the deer. I hope the seeds are OK for them to eat. They sure liked them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The sun is shining

Another busy week, but the sun is shining. On Monday, I played bridge. Didn't win, but can't expect to win every time. Monday night I had my weigh in for Vernonia's Biggest Loser. I have gained 4 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I am probably about what I started at this session. Tomorrow is the final night, and then we start another 12 week session on Feb. 9th. I am telling myself that I really want to get back in the routine of exercise and sensible eating again. I hope I can do it.
On Tuesday, we went to Costco for our monthly pill run (prescriptions). I also picked up a couple of books to read. Right now I am reading Twilight. It is a hit with the high schoolers, so I wanted to see if I like it, or not. So far, so good. Tuesday evening we had a P.E.O. meeting. We have a great group of ladies that are dedicated to raising money to provide scholarships to women.
O Wednesday I substituted in Kindergarten. It really did go alright, but I was really tired at the end of the day. I went to bed at 8:00.
Thursday was another day of substituting in kindergarten, only the other classroom. This is the classroom that gave me a run for my money the last time. They were better this time, but still had a very busy day. Thursday evening we played Bunco. I belong to a group of 12 ladies that take turn hosting bunco once a month. Rose won most buncos again. I believe she has won 6 out of the last 7 times. I don't know how she does it.
Friday I substituted in the high school for the Special Ed teacher. This was a piece of cake after 2 days in kindergarten. I helped the students with their work. Friday evening we went to Kelso and played black jack at he River Casino. It wasn't a winning evening for either of us.
Saturday and Sunday were house work days and I got a walk in both days. This evening I went to Tim and Kathy's house. Today is Jamie's 19th birthday.
I have pictures of my walk through town and around the lake. I put them in backwards this time. I must be a little tired, but I'm not changing them now.
I always like to look for the wildlife on my walk, but didn't see much this time. There is always the ducks.
and the humans. There was a lot of people walking today.

A red winged blackbird

The trees are growing out of this old building at the lake. It was part of the mill.

There were a couple of fishermen.

There is still some ice on the lake.

and frost and ice along the river. It has been cold, but beautiful.

The path along the river between Anderson Park and the lake

I looked for birds in the trees, but found this kitty instead.

This deer was in the back yard as I headed out.

The pansys that I planted in the fall are having a hard time in this cold weather.

but there are signs that Spring is coming.

Valentine's Day items decorate some windows in Vernonia.

but there are still some snowflakes around.

The deer are still looking for apples.

The end to a lovely day.

Happy Birthday, Jamie.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


When I was on my walk today, I walked downtown, to Anderson Park, by the river, and to Vernonia Lake. Colin Tierney make very nice signs explaining the flora and fauna along the river and around the lake as an Eagle Scout project. The signs along the river are still in OK, but the signs along the lake are destroyed. Why would anyone destroy his work, as well as destroying the enjoyment for people that visit the lake? It really makes you wonder. This is a sign along the river telling about the salmon and the salmon berry.

These are two of the destroyed signs.

While I was on my walk I did see a little of nature.

Mr. Squirrel has a fir cone and is eating his lunch. Sorry that I disturbed you, little guy.

The ducks on the lake.

What a difference a day or two makes

The flooding is over. I went for a walk today in the cold. It was 35 degrees on the thermometer at the credit union at 2:30. The skies were gray, but it felt good to get out and walk.

This is a much different look than 2 days ago.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flood update and new pictures

As this day comes to an end, we made one more trip down town to check on things. There is a log jam under the bridge by the swimming pool. They had the state road crew trying to solve the problem. 4:00 came and they left without solving it. If any more logs pile up, the bridge could be compromised. There is a lot of weight and pressure against that old bridge.
I walked down to Anderson Park and across the foot bridge. The water is moving very swiftly and still backing up where the creek and the river come together. The water is not raising any more, if anything, I believe it has come down some.
Notice the picnic table almost under water and the logs under the bridge.

They had a crew of 8, but couldn't solve the problem.

Rock Creek is still very high.

The picnic table, again.

Rock Creek near where it meet the Nehalem River.

The view from the walking bridge.

There is not supposed to be water here.

Tim's house is okay.

The insurance company is renting this house for Stewart and Stacey. They also brought out rental furniture, as well as bedding, dishes, and even pots and pans. Stewart is thankful that he had the foresight to have good insurance. They are happily in their new home.

Some flooding

We drove down to the bottom of the hill that we live on this morning to find some flooding. I don't think there are any houses that are in serious danger of flooding in Vernonia, but the water is high. Rock Creek and the Nehalem River meet in Vernonia. The head waters of Rock Creek are to the North. The head waters of the Nehalem are to the South. Although there was 5 feet of snow at Timber, which is to the south, and near the head waters, they didn't get the heavy rain. Vernonia was on the edge of the real rain. To the north they got a downpour, and to the south, not so much. Rock Creek is quite high, but the Nehalem River is handling it, mostly. I hear there is still 18 inches at Timber, but the weather is a little colder. The warm wind is gone.
I believe we are going to be alright. There was even a little blue sky for awhile.
This is Rock Creek at the bottom of our hill.

Rock Creek at Hawkins Park.

Rock Creek as it flows through town. This is the swimming pool in the summer time. There is the top of a fence showing. This fence separates the little kids pool form the creek. It is almost covered.
This is where Rock creek joins the Nehalem River. The horse arena is full of water.

This is Rock Creek behind the stadium of the horse arena.

This is the Nehalem River at Riverview, 1 mile east of downtown Vernonia, still part of the city limits.

This is the same place, just a different angle. The Chinese Restaurant has water under it.

The Nehalem River headed north-east of Vernonia

The horses lost most of their pasture

A tree is caught in the electric lines.

As we headed back home, we took a couple pictures of Rock Creek again. The gazebo is flooded.

Water is coming into the garage.

This normally is a picnic area