Monday, March 30, 2009

A Good Day at Bridge

Wow! What a great time I had at bridge today. I won every rubber, and was the only one on the plus side. I was 44 plus and second place was Eleanor with 8 minus.
I walked to Eleanor's house, so Mike picked me up after bridge. Kendall and Daniel were starting track today, so we went to Kendall's house to see if she had her track shoes, yet. We took Kendall to Forest Grove to get her shoes, plus some practice clothes. Then we went to Burger King for a Whopper Jr. I helped her with her math coming and going. She was very appreciative, so we were happy to do this for her. Daniel can't start track yet, because he hasn't had his physical. I hope he can participate. The school has a no fail, no play policy. I agree with this whole-heartedly. Too many times the kids seem to forget why they are in school. He can do homework club, and if his grades improve, he will be able to participate. I hope this is an incentive for him.
Kendall's father, our son, Tim, was state champion in the 100 and 200 meter sprints when he was in school. I hope she inherited some of his ability. It will be fun to watch her.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A wedding and a 40th wedding anniversary celebration, all in one day

Saturday morning we took off fairly early to get to Molalla to pick up Mom. My brother, Henry was getting married. The wedding was at 2: o'clock, but they were taking pictures before, so they wanted Mom there by noon. We arrived in Molalla at 11:00 and headed for Oregon City and the church. After a couple of wrong turns, we got her to the church on time. I took pictures, also, and tried to stay out of the photographers way. Cindy has never been married before, but has a large family, with a lot of special nieces and nephews.
Henry and Cindy dated 30 years ago and recently met again at my sister, Laurie's 40th anniversary party. My brother-in-law Arnold is a cousin to Cindy.
My brother's children were their attendants. Jason got a weekend pass from the military in order to be the best man.
The wedding was beautiful.
Henry and Cindy, with Jordan, Jessica, Mom, and Jason

Glamorous Jessica

Father and son
Cindy's dress was beautiful, and she looked lovely. Henry didn't look too bad, either.

My husband, Mike, got bored with all the picture taking, and took a nap, and I caught him.

Lovely Jordan

The guests begin arriving. This is my niece Katie, and my sisters, Linda and Laurie

Linda and Tom

Laurie, Hannah, and Arnold

One of my favorite aunts - Aunt Alma and her friend, Don. They went to high school together, married other people, both lost their mates, and found each other.

My favorite Uncle Don and Aunt Jean. They have been married 54 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Norquist

Hannah get a special greeting

Laurie, with Jody, her daughter-in-law, and grandsons, Larson and Oliver

Cutting the cake

Last minute good bye to Jordan

A toast to the couple ( Apple Juice)
After the ceremony we went into Portland to the Rheinlander, a German restaurant for Linda and Tom's anniversary dinner. They had eaten there when they go engaged 40 years ago.
Tom and Linda

Arnold and Laurie


Mike and I

The waiter sang German songs, and a love song, also

After dinner, we took Mom back to Molalla. We got lost in Portland, but finally found our way. We then headed for home. What a long, but lovely and wonderful day.

Last Week

Last week was spring vacation for the schools. D.J. went to Eugene to be with his mother and sister for most of the week. Because of the economy, Scott is laid off and on unemployment, so he went to California with a friend, so we had part of the week to ourselves.
On Monday, Sally called to see if I was playing bridge. I told her I would be there with bells on. I found some bells and wore them. We all had a good laugh. My cards were terrible,and I went the first two rubbers without winning even a game. I decided to take those bell off, and the cards got better. I ended up winning High.
On Tuesday we went to see the tax man. Taxes are certainly a necessary evil. We play quarterlies, as well as having some taken out of our checks. I hope we don't have a big bill.
On Tuesday evening we had P.E.O. Our newest member, Allison, was the hostess, and we met at the library. Our latest money-maker for scholarships is to sell plants and bulbs for summer. I'm not very good at selling, but I'll buy some myself.
On Thursday we went to the casino and played black jack (21) for awhile. I didn't win, but Mike did. I just don't understand it. I'm a better card player than he is. (So I think)
I had a few lazy days, but one thing I did accomplish is to clean up my computer. I had a lot of old pictures and e-mail, so dumped them.
On Friday I got my gifts ready to go for the next day. On Saturday we need to get to Molalla, 80 miles away, to pick up Mom to get her to the church on time for pictures. My brother is getting married.


Daniel is still with us in Vernonia. He is not doing well with his school work, although his behavior is better. He has several f's, and has lost his phone. I am trying to encourage him to succeed, but it is tough. I'm hopeful we are making headway. On Sunday we all went to church. He enjoyed the youth group.
Daniel, or what he prefers to be called, D.J., had been diagnosed with ADHD. He has been on medication in the past. I would certainly prefer, at 12, for him to take responsibility for his own behavior and his learning. I hope that is possible. Maybe we will have to see about medication.
Other problems. During the week we had a brown out. Power was about 50% for about an hour. I don't know if that is what I should blame, but my printer died, the furnace quit working, and the washing machine wouldn't agitate or spin. Maybe I could blame the power brown out for the printer. Solution - new printer. The furnace, I don't know the reason, but new part and $ 60 later, working. The washing machine had a broken part, because of a heavy load. Solution - new part and $60 later, working.
Things happen, but hopefully everything is better now.


The week of the 16th was eventful. I worked on Monday, instead of playing bridge, because I didn't know if I would be working any other days. I worked for the high school social studies teacher. I was a good day. During the day I got a call from the grade school secretary asking me if I wanted to be the music teacher the rest of the week. I agreed. I didn't have any lesson plans to follow, so I went on line and found music word searches, music crosswords, music color sheets, etc. I had 1st graders through Jr. High. The music teacher has a pretty tight schedule with classes coming in back to back. We wrote raps and preformed them with the Jr. High chorus, and did color sheets while the first graders listened to music, and everything in between. It was a tiring week, but the kids and I had fun, while learning something, I hope.
I told you about the red hat parade and party on Tuesday. On Thursday we played bunco. Bunco is a dice game. I all depends on luck. We put $5 in the pot, and the person with the most buncos get $25. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, consolation, and boobie. We played in Forest Grove at Doris's house. I drove the van and took 6 of the ladies with me. I had a great time, but no money.
Marilyn and Michelle

Doris, the hostess

Rose, Tonya, and Mary

Mary, Sunny, and Carol

It's been two weeks

It's been two weeks since I added anything to my blog. It's not because I haven't done anything, actually I've been pretty busy. On St. Patrick's Day, a couple of the Red Hatters and myself rode in the parade. I drove my van, decked out in green, and we tossed candy to all the little children. I heard so many children say, "Hi, Mrs. Grady" I really enjoy teaching the children of Vernonia.
After the parade we had a Red Hat St. Patrick's Day party. We brought green food, and wore a little green with our red and purple. We played games after we ate. A fun night was had by all.Pat


WE learned a new game

This group played Yahtzee

Pat is wearing her Bra hat. Isn't it cute.

Rose and Sunny

Pauline, Pat, and Betty


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Week in Vernonia

On Monday I hosted bridge. We have such a good time playing. The other three ladies are very charming, and funny, especially Sally, the mayor. I won again.
On Tuesday I subbed in Robin's room. The fifth graders were much better. They still didn't pay attention as much as I would have liked during math, but their behavior was much better. Tuesday evening was installation of officer in P.E.O. Our 92 year old Faith was the hostess. What a wonderful person she is. Nancy conducted her last meeting as president, and Janet took over the gavel. I am treasurer for another year.
Wednesday, I subbed in Title 1. This is a program for children that are about 1 grade level below in reading. We work in small groups and really work with them on their reading skills. I am going to be a long-term sub in this classroom starting next month. Debbie is having a baby. After school I went to Claudine's house where Claudine and Barbara audited my treasurer's books. After quite a bit of discussion, they agreed that the books were balanced and everything was fine.
I got a call on Thursday morning from the sub-finder. I was needed in 1st grade for the A.M. teacher. I got dressed and headed to school and when I got there there were three teachers in the room. The A.M. teacher was there getting ready, the P.M. teacher was there thinking that she was filling in, and I was there because I was called. I took the class for the morning. They were a handful, but I managed and they did okay. On Thursday afternoon I got a pedicure. It feel so good to have someone else take care of your feet. This Nail Place dips your feet in paraffin after they have soaked for awhile. They massage your legs and feet, and what I really like is they take care of my ingrown toe nails. Thank you so much!!
On Friday we went back to town to get groceries and run a few more errands.
I forgot to say that Scott and Daniel are still with us. Scott is laid off for a couple of weeks. The logging industry here is going really slow. Daniel went to school on Monday and that afternoon I got a call that he was suspended. I was playing bridge, his Dad was working for a friend, so Grandpa went to school to pick his up. I seems that he and a girl are not supposed to talk to one another. I believe Daniel likes her, and doesn't know the correct way to talk to her. She teased him in music class and he told her that he was going to kill her, just kiddingly, but you can't do that. Threats have to be taken seriously. I took Daniel's phone away. Scott and Daniel spent a good part of the week doing school work.
On Saturday we cleaned house and got ready for couples bunco. Bunco is a dice game. We have a good time. There is a lot of joking around, some of it a little off color. We were supposed to have 16 people, but two couples couldn't come, so we had three table. We have potluck, really good food, play three sets, and then have dessert, before we finish the other three sets. It was quite a night. We got to bed about 1:00.
Sunday was a lazy day.Faith, the hostess, Nancy, and Audeen, the secretary
Nancy's last act as President

The new officers

Debbie's shower gift from me. I take over for her next month.

Jerry, at couple's bunco

Mike is about ready to roll those dice

It was Sharon's birthday

Dolly and Jerry are partners. Darlene and Bill are only partner's in this game.

We wore green in honor of St. Patrick.

I'm all decked out in green.

Roxie even got in on the party.

Carl really looks like a leprechaun.

What's so funny?