Sunday, January 24, 2010

This last week I played bridge on Monday. I finished in second place. Bridge is always fun, win or lose.
On Tuesday, I subbed in high school Art. What fun! I did all the projects right along with the students. I even had my granddaughter, Kendall in class.
On Wednesday I subbed in high school Special Ed. in the morning. This was fun, also. I had a meeting in the afternoon with some P.E.O. sisters. We are hosting a Founder's Day luncheon on February 13th, and we were making plans.
No work on Thursday. I drove a carload of ladies to Hillsboro in the evening for bunco at Michelle's house. I had the most buncos and the last bunco, so I went home $28 richer.
On Friday we went to Hillsboro and then decided we would go to Spirit Mountain, an Indian Casino. I had a good time, and came home with more money than I went with.
On Saturday we went to Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course for a Founder's Day luncheon. What a lovely time we had. One of our members, Lois, had transferred to the Hillsboro chapter, and they invited us as guests. Lois had been a member of our Chapter for 59 years, and has now been a member one year in Hillsboro. They honored her for 60 years in P.E.O.
Saturday night we played couples bunco at Dolly and Jerry's house. We always have a good time, but we didn't win.
The Clubhouse at Pumpkin Ridge A lovely room
Coni and me

Tobie, Myrhinna, Patricia, and Lois, a 60 year P.E.O. sister

Carol, Allison, and Claudine

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Busy Week

This past week was eventful. On Monday morning I worked for the High School Special Ed. teacher while she was training another teacher. I played bridge in the afternoon and won. I went to a Cabin in the Woods Board meeting in the evening.
On Tuesday I worked for the Middle School Special Ed teacher. Tuesday evening I went to my P.E.O. Chapter meeting.
On Wednesday afternoon I worked for the High School Health and PE. teacher. He had plans that the 7th & 8th grade P.E. classes would play dodge ball. I got over to the High School gymnasium and found out that they were using the gym for a town hall meeting. Now, what to do? I took the kids to his classroom, but we had nothing to do, so we played games. Same with the 8th grade class. 7th period was a High School Health class and I had plans for that. It was a good thing.
On Thursday and Friday I subbed for the Band teacher. I chose students to direct. They liked that and they played well. I got lucky that it went so well. The only thing is when they come into the room, they practice loud and each one playing a different tune. I just grin and bear it.
Friday after school we went to Costco, Kohls, and then we played some cards.
On Saturday I rested.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10th

Here it is January 10th, 2010 already. We celebrated the New Year by playing couples bunco with 7 other couple. We even stayed up past midnight. New Year's weekend was uneventful. I undecorated, read, and played on the computer. I made a New Year's resolution to walk every day, and so far I have. I only walk about a mile, but it is getting some exercise and fresh air. So far I have been able to dodge the rain clouds, and so far, no snow this year.
Last week would have been Steve's 47th birthday. We continue to miss him and Rick.
I worked 1 1/2 days last week and will work 3 1/2 days this coming week. Tomorrow I work in the morning, so I still get to play bridge in the afternoon. I have a scout cabin meeting tomorrow evening, and P.E.O. on Tuesday.
Last week I drove Mike to his doctor's appointments on Tuesday, and he has more appointments this week on Monday and Wednesday. He fainted during the holidays, and they are trying to figure out why.
Yesterday was our grandson's 13th birthday. I called him and he said he was having a good birthday. I asked him when they were coming to Vernonia. They still don't have their Christmas presents yet.
It feels good to be caught up on the blogging. I think I will make a new resolution to keep up better.
Happy New Year to all of you.
Pictures from the walk around the lake.

The Christmas presents are still waiting for Scott, Marie, Daniel, and Nicole.
Come and get them.

Mom's 88th birthday

Thirty eight of us gathered at my brother's home in Chehalis, Washington for our mother's 88th birthday. Henry and Cindy were the most gracious host and hostess. We had a sit down dinner of prime rib, scalloped potatoes, and all the trimmings. Each sibling and their families were responsible for a portion of the dinner. It was wonderful. Mom's sight is failing so we all went together to get her a large photo viewer. My nephew, Jason, loaded pictures on it, so that she could see her family in her home, as we go about our busy lives. We took up a collection and the money went to the Gideons this year. My grandfather, my mother's father, was a Gideon.
Cindy, Henry, and Laurie get dinner on, while Troy looks on.
My gang from Oregon came, along with Dustin, Jennifer, & Dawson. Dawson got to meet the family for the first time.

Mom is opening her photo viewer while the great grandchildren look on.

Tim is tired of my camera.

Jill made the birthday cake

It is the beach cabin. What a nice job she did. Oh, so cute. There were the logs, creek, and trees along the creek bank, and even little people looking out the upstairs window.

My goofy nephews.
Mike, Kathy, Tim, and Sister, Laurie.

Tables and chairs were put out in the heated garage to accommodate all of us.

I gave everyone a copy of the family calendar that I make each year. Jessica is happy to receive it.
A nice day was had by all.

Christmas Day

After Christmas last year, I purchased some "bargains" for 75% off. I got Christmas socks, Christmas towels, and some elf costumes for the boys. They were elf shorts and an elf hat. I gave everyone their pre Christmas presents before Christmas. The boys got quite a kick out of it. I think they decided to surprise me and really wear them. So they got long johns to wear under them, then Stacey found comic underwear. But the real gag turned out to be on Tim. Stewart had decided that they would wear their outfits on Christmas Day, and Tim got mixed up and wore them to our house on Christmas Eve. He took it well, and wore them again on Christmas Day.
Stewart and Stacey served Prime Rib and King Crab on Christmas Day. What a Treat! What a nice day we had.
Kathy and Kendall This is Tim on Christmas Eve In his new hat and his "outfit".
Dustin took care of Dawson, and Dawson thinks it is alright.

Almost a smile for Great Grandma Dawson wonders, What is so funny, Kendall.

The Boys

I don't think that Tim believes Dawson is NAUGHTY.

How cute they all are.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Cristmas Eve

We had Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve day, because that is when everyone could come, except Scott and his family. We had Christmas Brunch with cold cuts to make sandwiches, yummy salads, vegetables, and dessert. We served on paper plates, What was so neat about it was that everything was done ahead of time (less stress) and the clean up was a breeze. Everyone enjoyed each other's company and the gifts. I love my family and wish that Christmas came more often, or at least the get togethers.
Mother and Child What a good boy Dawson is!
Kendall likes her second cousin.
So does Great Grandma

What a pretty girl Kendall is!

Stephanie got to meet her second cousin.

Stephanie, Timothy, Tim, John Michael, and Logan await the gifts.

They enjoyed the gifts.

Rick's children, Stephanie and Logan.

Stewart, Stacey's son, John Michael, and Stacey.

During December I managed to stay busy with all my activities. I worked 10 days in December, even the last 2 days before Christmas break. I continued to play bridge on Mondays. This is one of my favorite activities. I played pinochle with the ladies, plus Mike and I play quite a bit of 2 handed pinochle. I love to beat him. I had to go Christmas shopping several times. I went to church on Sundays, and I loved seeing the family. I spent quite a bit of time on Facebook, keeping up with family and friends, plus I got hooked on playing several games. I especially like Farmville, Farmtown, and Bejeweled Blitz. We had out Christmas Red Hat Party. Everyone brought a white elephant gift to exchange. It was a fun time.
Sunny and Rose hosted. Rose has a lovely home.

Notice the Red Hat bra hat.
Our newest members. Welcome Caroline and Dee.

One of the games we played was unwrapping a package with potholders on your hands, and of course it was wrapped several times with lots of tape.

Another new member is Sue. Welcome

Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009

We had a wonderful P.E.O. diner and ornament exchange. Darlene was a superb hostess. We also filled 6 gift baskets for the young ladies and women that we have given educational scholarships to. We gave canned goods and money to the Vernonia Cares Food Bank. We gave school supplies and personal item to the children of Afghanistan. What a special evening it was.

Vernonia had a sesson of really cold weather.

Even the ducks were cold.

The Dethlefs family came for dinner and pre Christmas gifts.

Dawson is an excellant baby.
I woorked at getting the house decorated and the gifts ready for the big day.