Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Past Week

This past week was a busy week, but a good week. I am working with such great gals that really know their stuff, so it makes my job very enjoyable. Five full days of Title 1. I was tired by Friday.
Angie and Sheryl at lunch

Marsha doesn't like to have her picture taken,
Scott had his fifth wheel moved to Vernonia over the weekend, so on Monday, Scott and Daniel moved to Anderson Park to live until he can either rent a house or buy a house. He also went back to work on Monday.

On Tuesday we had P.E.O. at Myrhinna's house. What a lovely home she has, and she is a delightful hostess.

On Wednesday we went to the track meet in St Helens. Kendall does the 4 by 100 relay. They got 2nd in Banks and third in St Helens. She also does the 100 and the 200 meter dash.

Daniel does field events and the 100 meter. They both are having a great time.

On Thursday we played bunco at Dolly's house. I enjoyed the company, but I wasn't a winner.
On Friday I kicked back after I got home from school. I was in bed by 10:00. I guess I'm not as young as I used to be.
Saturday morning I went shopping and treated myself to a pedicure. I had a relaxing trip to Hillsboro all by myself. Mike had played poker on Friday evening and didn't get home until 2:30 a.m., so he napped all day on Saturday.
Saturday evening we played couples bunco at Steve and Marilyn's. We begin the evening at 6:30 with a potluck. There is always a lot of wonderful food. I usually turns out to be a pretty balanced meal, but this time we had cookies, and more cookies. Mike won consolation, but I didn't win anything. Winning isn't everything, in fact, it is a minor part of the evening. There are 8 couples and plenty of laughs and a great time.

Stewart and Stacey gave me this bouquet for Easter, and it is still lovely.

Today was a day to go for a walk, do some housework and yard work, and go for a ride, and of course, blogging.
A busy, but enjoyable week.

It's Finally Spring in Vernonia

I took a walk around the yard with my camera, and it really is Spring.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

We picked up Nicole on Friday evening, after making a run to Costco for Easter dinner groceries. Nicole is our youngest grandchild, Scott's daughter. Daniel is living with Scott, and Nicole is living with her Mom.
Mike up early on Saturday and headed for Molalla to pick up Mom. We woke up and got ready for the Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the PTA. There were a ton of kids, and Easter eggs spread out in a park. When the horn blasted, the kids scrambled and the hunt was over in two minutes. We headed for home and Scott helped me get the house ready for company. Scott, Nicole, and Daniel went fishing after that. Mike got home with Mom around noon. I spent the day getting ready for Easter.
Easter morning we headed for the Community Church at 9:00 o'clock for breakfast and church service. The singing was lovely, and the sermon was good.
Dinner was at 2:00, because Kathy had to work. Mike helped me peel potatoes, and I finished the rest of the prep. Everyone came by 2:00 and dinner was ready. I tried a new recipe for potatoes. I cubed them, put them in the oven with milk and butter, and the last 10 minutes before we ate, I added a cup of sour cream mixed with a package of ranch dressing mix, and then topped with cheese. They were very good. Dinner was great.
I kept looking out the window at the rain, wondering if we were going to be able to have an Easter egg hunt. We finally decided to hide them in the garage and carport, and on the porches. I hid a few around the patio and in the wood pile. There were 225 plastic eggs, with 200 half dollars and a ton of candy stuffed in them. The kids get a head start along with my Mom, but soon the adults are out there almost trampling the kids. What fun!
They all came into the house and counted their money. Kathy was champion with $17.00.
Bunny cake came next. What a nice day we had.
We met Nicole's Mom in North Plains to pick up Nicole about 7:30, and she graciously agreed to take Mom home. She had to go a little out of her way. I am thankful, because I really didn't want to go all the way to Molalla after a full day.
It is off to work tomorrow.The community egg hunt
Nicole and Scott found a few eggs.

Stewart and Stacy arrive for the day.

They brought lovely flowers for the centerpiece. Thank you!


Nicole, Kendall, and Daniel

Finding eggs in the garage

Scott's finding a few

Daniel say, Where are they?"

Nicole is doing alright

Kathy is the champion and she went behind everyone

Nicole did alright



Scott and family

Dustin, the mighty Ax Man, has on his bunny ears

Father and daughter

Mom is taking it all in

Some of Kendall's haul

Roxie had stepped on the cake when it was in the car.

Put it still tasted great