Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Week

Sunday evening we drove to Banks to eat Chinese food. Yummy!
On Monday I played bridge. I had some good cards, and some not so good cards. It is always a delight to play bridge with Eleanor, Sally, and Nancy. I ended up in second play this day. It is not really high stakes we play for. We each put a quarter in the pot and the winner gets the quarters. We also put a penny in the pot for each trick that we go set on, or when we don't make our bid. I got the pennies, and there were 36 pennies in the pot. That is quite a lot of overbidding. We don't play for the money, we play for the challenge, and enjoy each other's company.
On Tuesday I fulfilled my duty and took the tests required of me in order to sub.
Today is a fun day on the computer, and I will try to get some housework done.
Tomorrow is Mike's 76th birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said, "Nothing, It's just another day." We WILL do something.
I don't know what is in store for Friday, we'll see.

Getting Ready to Sub

I was informed via e-mail that I had 6 (six) online courses to complete by September 1st. They are Federal, State, and local requirements in order to substitute teach. Since I really like subbing, the kids, the staff, and the money, I thought I'd better get busy and take on this challenge.
The first class that I took was called Bloodborne Pathogens. It took me about an hour to complete the course and I got 100% on the test, not too bad. I decided, "I can do this!"
I then took a course called Bullying Prevention. That took a little less time. I then decided I might as well take them all and get it over with. The other courses were Child Abuse Identification & Prevention in Oregon, Sexual Harassment - Employees, Sexual Misconduct - Staff to Student, and finally Student Privacy Rights. I finished up at about 9:00 last evening. WHEW!!! Really, it wasn't too difficult. All you need is COMMON SENSE!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I graduated from high school 50 years ago. That is so hard for me to believe. Where did the time go?
Last night we celebrated that 50 years at Arrowhead Gold Course in Molalla. I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone. Mom still lives in Molalla, but I only go there to see her, and I never see any of my old classmates. I really haven't kept in touch with anyone, except exchanging Christmas cards with Barb Rich.
They gave us name tags with our high school pictures on it, boy, did that help, except I forgot to wear my reading glasses, so I still had to ask who they were. We had a fun time, and it was very good to see everyone there.
50 years ago and NOW
Remembering the ones that we lost.

Thanks to all those that did the work of putting on our reunion and making it a success.

Hofstetter / Mohr Reunion

My mother's maiden name was Hofstetter, and her mother's birth name was Mohr. My grandmother was born a Mohr, but was adopted by the Starks when she was one year old. She didn't know that she had a brother, Henry, until he came to see her before he entered World War I. My grandmother married Otto Hofstetter and came to live on a farm in Meadowbrook.
During the depression when things were really bad in Nebraska, with insects, dust bowls, and just no money, Henry Mohr brought his family west to Oregon and stayed with Meta and Otto. My aunt Alma said, "When we came home from picking hops, there was seven more people living with us."
The Mohrs have prospered in Oregon, and they have stayed in touch with the Hofstetter family. Every summer we have a family reunion to visit with our kin. I have been to several, and had the privilege of attending yesterday.
A favorite thing about family get togethers is the potluck.

Myron, Mike, and Tom

Uncle Don Hofstetter, Aunt Alma. Bill Mohr, no relation to the other Mohrs, but married to my cousin Susan, Don, and Mom

The Mohrs
It was fun to visit with everyone and learn some fascinating family history.
Thank you Myron and Nancy for hosting.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy weekend with family and friends, and old high school alumni

On Thursday I we drove the Vernonia ladies to Hillsboro to play bunco. There are 12 of us and we take turns playing at each other's homes. This time it was Marilyn's turn. We had a great time and I ended up with the last bunco and $3.00.
Last night we were invited to a potluck barbecue at Bill and Mary's. Mary cooked the hamburgers and the rest of us brought salads and desserts. YUMMY!!
Today we are going to the Mohr / Hofstetter reunion. My mother was a Hofstetter and her mother was a Mohr. It will be nice to see the family.
AND this evening I am going to my 50 year class reunion from High school. I can't believe it has been 50 years. Where has the time gone. I wonder if I'll recognize anyone. I had planned on loosing weight for over a year in preparation for this day, but I guess i just sabotaged myself, and I'm sure that I gained weight, instead. Oh, well!! That's life.
Mary and Bill

Darlene, Jeanette, Marilyn, Steve, and Jerry
Jerry, Dolly, Sharon, and Randy through the fire

Susan and Karl
Mike and Roxy
Don, Bill, and Nancy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Red Hat Picnic

Our July Red Hat activity was planned by Betty, Pauline, and Pat. It was supposed to be my turn, but with Mike in the hospital, thankfully these gals stepped up and helped me out. It was a nice evening for a picnic, and a very nice picnic. Thanks gals.


Monday is bridge day. The four of us, Eleanor, Nancy, Sally, and I look forward to each bridge game. It really is a highlight to my week. I am happy to say that I won. My score was 53 plus, and I was a winning part of every rubber, except one.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Scott hosted a picnic in the park to say our farewells to Logan, who was headed to San Diego, and to Dustin, Jennifer, and Dawson who were headed to Alaska where Dustin is working. I joined them for awhile and then headed into the hospital.
Jamie is saying goodby to Dawson. The host, Scott

Jennifer and Dawson
Logan went to the hospital to visit his grandpa and to say his goodbys.

4th of July Party at Scott's house

Although Mike was in the hospital and really ill, I joined the rest of the family for a little while when I got back from the hospital. I kept my cell phone with me at all times.
This was Dawson's first 4th of July, and he could care less. It was past his bedtime.

Kendall and her Kitty

Kathy is holding Dawson

Scott and his children

Dawson and his grandpa

It was a chilly evening, but everyone found a way to stay warm
Our granddaughter, jennifer, and her son, Dawson

Christmas in July

I finaly got to see our grandchildren Nicole and Daniel. We haven't seen them since November when we went to Eugene for Nicole's birthday. We celebrated Christmas one day and 4th of July the next.
I love you, Nicole!

I love you, Daniel!
Danile, Nicole with their Daddy. Roxie had to get in the picture, too.

Kendall graduates from 8th grade

She received the Art Award. YEAH!!