Sunday, April 5, 2009

A 70 degree Sunday

Wow! It was 70 degrees today. I went for a walk and I could spell the barbecues. What a difference a day or two makes. It was below 40 degrees on Friday.
Spring is my favorite time of the year, but spring is really late this year. The pussy willows are just popping out, and my daffodils are just beginning to bloom. These nice days will hurry things along.
I started working last week on Wednesday full time for 5 weeks. The title 1 teacher had her baby two weeks early, and I went to work on the day that I was supposed to be trained. I worked in Title 1 when I was an aide years ago, so I think I'll do alright. I have some wonderful gals working with me that are very helpful, so we'll be fine.
Title 1 is for students that are only about 1 year behind in their reading skills. We work with small groups in a programed reading program. I have a first grade group, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and a high school class. I also work with a first grader one on one. I help with the ZAP program at lunch time. This is for students that are not turning in their homework, and have to give up their recess to make up their work.
Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day. I plan on going for another walk after school. I play pinochle on Tuesday evening, and we are looking forward to going to the track meet at Banks on Wednesday.
I enjoy working. The only thing I miss is mt Monday bridge group, but I'll be back with bells on in 6 weeks.The pussy willows are opening up behind the City Hall
Daffodils at the library

This is Washington Grade School, my home away from home for the next 5 weeks.


Kay said...

I love spring! Thank you for sharing those cheerful photos. How wonderful that you get to work with those children who really need your help. I'd like to do that again when my life settles down a bit.

diane said...

It sounds like Spring is in the air for all my American bloggy friends.Enjoy! It must be nice after all the cold weather. I can't imagine living through one of your winters. I'm a sook with cold weather. Your job sounds similsr to mine. I retired in 2007 but have been offered a contract for 10 to 16 weeks each year to help kids with Literacy if they failed to meet the reqired benchmarks. I have 3 kids at a time for 30 mins. They are from Year 6 and 7. We call it primary school its like your elementary school.

Denise said...

Lovely photos, and I can't think of any more rewarding work than that of working with children. Wonderful post!