Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Shower and End of the Summer Picnic

Hi again from Vernonia.
We had a lot of things left from our garage sale last week, so we decided to carry it over again this week and join the community garage sales. There were 75 people having yard and garage sales, and people came form all over to take advantage. We didn't sell very much, so we decided we were not having them any more and we are boxing everything up and taking it to the Senior Center.
Yesterday afternoon was Jennifer's baby shower. Kathy Grady, Jennifer's aunt and my daughter-in-law, hosted it. Jennifer received a lot of wonderful things for the baby. They have chosen a name for their new little baby boy. It is Dawson Hunter. I will be a great grandmother in three weeks. It doesn't seem possible.

Kathy and Jennifer
Kendall, Kathy's daughter and our beautiful little granddaughter

Jennifer's Mom and Grandmother
Dustin's Mom and Jennifer's Mom

Jennifer was thrilled with all the very nice things she received.

Dustin came in for a minute and surprised Jennifer.
Dustin's Mom made this blanket that spells Dawson in the squares.
Dustin's Mom, Dustin's niece, and Stacey, Jennifer's future Mother-in-law

Because we had so much stuff left from the garage sale, we decided to have an end of the summer party for the Vernonia part of the family. They took away some of the remaining treasures, we had a great picnic, and then sat around talking and looking at old pictures.
Kendall, above, and Stacey, Stewart, and Jennifer below.
Jennifer and Dustin
Tim and Kathy

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Linda Reeder said...

Wow. Ilene, your family has realy learned how to be a family. I'm so happy for you and Mike.
Jennifer had a lovely shower and she has good friends and family to support her.
Best wishes for the birth of that new baby.