Friday, November 28, 2008


Shopping was actually fun today. I didn't get an early start, like some of the pros, but I left the house at 8:00, and headed for Fred Meyer. I bought socks, like everyone else, a couple of games, 2 for the price of one, and some cups and desserts plates for my bridge group. From there I went to Costco and picked up some slippers and lounge pajamas for the girls in the family. I then went to Kohls. When I went into the store I noticed that the lines were almost from one end of the store to the other. I decided to look around anyway. I found some things that I couldn't pass up, so I braved the line. It really did move pretty fast. I went to Office Max, but I wasn't impressed. I decided that was enough and finished the day with a pedicure.


Linda Reeder said...

What, no electronics! Nice way to treat yourself at the end of the day. I've never had a pedicure or a manicure.
I see you figures out your header photo - good job.

Denise said...

Hi there, I found you through Linda Reeder - thanks Linda. Sounds like you had a great day. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back.