Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What a beautiful day. I convinced Mike that we needed to walk around the lake. Mike is doing well. The doctor and I wondered if his head was still bleeding between the skull and the brain because some of his symptoms has reappeared after the surgery. Another CAT scan was done on Friday, and yes there is a little bleeding, but when we went to the doctor yesterday, we reported that the symptoms were less noticeable. The doctor said we would watch for symptoms, but he said the bleeding could stop on its own and eventually go away with out further treatment. When Mike was released from the hospital, the doctor told him that he needed to contact an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, because he had a tumor somewhere in the area of behind his nose, and to the left side. We have contacted a surgeon at Oregon Health Sciences University and he has an appointment for next Tuesday. WOW!
On Monday I played bridge. I am pleased to report that I was the winner for that day.
We had a Red Hat outing Monday evening. One of my good friends and red hat sisters had a stroke on the same day that Mike found out about his clots. She has been in the hospital and is now in Providence rehab center. She is doing great. She is walking with a cane, speaking quite clearly, and even using her left hand and arm some. We didn't want to have a party without Betty, so we took the party to Betty. After the visit we had dinner at Sweet Tomato. It was a wonderful February red hat event.
A lovely day at the lake, even for ducks.

Mike and Roxi are enjoying the walk.

We saw Daniel and Scott on our walk. Daniel was trying to catch a fish.

Eldonna drove the church van, so that we could all go together to see Betty. Thank you, Eldonna.

Dinner at Sweet Tomato.






Betty with her new red hat.

The party was enjoyed by all, especially Betty.

Daniel is out the door on his way to school. This was his first day of school in Vernonia.


Linda Reeder said...

It's good to see Mike out and about, and you having fun.

Gayle said...

I have been pretty busy lately and not able to drop by your blog until now. I'm glad that Mike is doing well and hoping all goes well with the next dr. visit. Looks like you got a bit of sunshine there in Vernonia! We had some pretty stormy weather over the weekend, but nice the last couple of days. It looks like you have fun with your red hat group, and I'm sure Betty appreciated all of you for thinking of her in this way. Well, I'll be dropping by more often. Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Hi Ilene, read your post with great interest. I also was happy to see your hubby out and about and how wonderful that you took your party to see your friend. At the small restaurant I used to work, we would get a lot of Red Hat ladies in. They were always fun to chat to. I miss that. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. So appreciated.