Sunday, February 1, 2009

Red Hat Party

We had our December and January Red Hat party at the Senior Center. There were 10 of there. We had a potluck, a short business meeting to elect a new queen, and pay our $5.00 dues, birthday cake, and a white elephant gift exchange. A white elephant gift is something that you've had and enjoyed, but grew tired of it, and want to share it with someone else. We had a great time. Ms Liz keeps us laughing. She's a great gal. They surprised me with a gift for being their queen, and then asked me to be queen again. I agreed, so just call me Queen Ilene.
Sharon and Sunny are playing their kazoos
The birthday girls

Ms Liz and Pat

Sharon is opening her white elephant gift



Linda Reeder said...

It's clear that Red Hat Ladies have lots of fun, and they eat what they want to, at least at parties.
Are you learning to spit? (from the poem, of course)

Cimba7200 said...

Looks like your Red Hat party was fun Ilene. Congratulations for being re-elected Queen. - Dave