Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter
I worked three days this week. On Wednesday I subbed for the high school special education teacher. On Tuesday, I subbed for the high school science teacher in the morning, and the history teacher in the afternoon. On Friday I subbed for the fifth grade teacher. It was a good week.
After work on Friday we headed to town to do the Easter dinner and Easter egg hunting shopping. We have a huge Easter egg hunt, so I have to be ready. The big kids get a kick out of it, even more that the little kids do. We won't have any little kids here, except for our great grandchild. Kendall is the next youngest and she is 14.
We are certainly NOT having Easter weather. I hope the snow goes away and the sun comes out for a little while tomorrow.
Friday's weather as I headed off to work Today's snow, even more than yesterday
The poor bunny is trying to get under cover

The new growth is trying to make an appearance.
Happy Easter to you all

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