Sunday, April 4, 2010

We had a very nice Easter day today. Scott and I went to church breakfast and then to church. Dinner was planned for 2:30, because Kathy had to work until two. Between church and dinner I hid the Easter eggs and got dinner ready. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus with white sauce, corn, salad, and hot cross buns.
We ate at 2:30 and then we were ready for the Easter egg hunt. Kendall was the youngest one here, but my boys really get into the hunt. There were 200 eggs filled with candy and money. It had started raining, but that didn't dampen any one's spirits.
After everyone left I went upstairs to my computer room and found an Easter egg by my computer. "How did that get there," I asked myself. I opened it up and there was a $10 bill inside. I looked around for more, and I found 6 egg total with $50 bucks total. WOW!!! What a nice Easter surprise.
Along with the Easter eggs I have little goodies hidden. I got everything ready on Saturday. I'm ready to load the eggs.
Here is our granddaughter, Jennifer, and Dawson.

Tim is on the hunt.
Scott and Tim take a minute out to pose.

Kendall, Scott, and Stewart are on the hunt.

More hunting.

Checking out their loot.
Kathy is wet, but happy.

Stewart is having fun.
Tim's family mopped up.
Kendall is showing off her bunny lips
Dawson likes the chicken

Roxie likes to get in the act.

Dawson with his great gramdma
He is teething, but I got a couple of smiles
Bunny cake for dessert.

Dawson and his daddy.

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Linda Reeder said...

What a wonderful Easter Day you put on for your family! I love how your family has come together to each other's company.