Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've had some cold weather again. The snow is so beautiful, but I think I've had enough for this year.
On Monday this week, I gave up playing bridge to work. I subbed in the Spanish class. I could help with beginning Spanish, but thank goodness there was a student aide in the second year Spanish class that could help with translation. I like subbing in the high school. It was a good day.
Monday night we had a scout cabin meeting. Vernonia is so fortunate to have a very nice place to have events. It is called the scout cabin, because the original scout cabin was lost in the flood of 96. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, especially Shirley and DeeDee, the building was rebuilt. They have a committee to help with making the decisions that come up about the upkeep, etc. I am a new member of the committee. Shirley and DeeDee are still that main force behind the success of beautiful building.
I got a call to sub on Tuesday, because the other sub didn't think he could get to Vernonia with the icy roads, but when I got to school, he was there, so I went home. I did get a chance to play pinochle in the afternoon though. DeeDee and Betty were hostesses and it was very nice. I had a good time, even though I didn't get very good cards.
Tuesday evening we had a P.E.O. meeting. We installed a new member. Allison has agreed to become our newest sister.
Wednesday, today, I subbed in Science. Mrs. Riley is such a good teacher that being her sub is a piece of cake. The students are so well trained to be respectful and work quietly that it continues when a sub comes. It was even a little boring.
Tonight we went to our grandson's last home wrestling match. His father, our son, Rick, died a few years ago, and we have tried to be there for Logan and his sister, Stephanie. I felt so fortunate tonight because when he was introduced, he had us come out and be introduced with him. he presented me with a rose. He is a very nice young man, and a good wrestler, too. He won his match.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to a doctor that specializes in Rhemotology. I don't know if anything can be done to stop the progress of my arthritis, but I'm going to see.
Tomorrow night is our Red Hat party. We missed the party in December because of the weather, but we finally are going to have a potluck and a white elephant gift exchange. It should be fun.
Friday, I'll work if they call me.

Logan and his uncles at last weeks match.

It was a privilege to accept this rose.

Logan had a tough match, but he won.


Linda Reeder said...

What a special time you had with Logan. You deserve the rose and much more. You are so giving to your children and grandchildren.

Denise said...

Loved your post Ilene and your grandson recognizes that he has a wonderful grandmother. Says a lot about him and you. Great photos, I enjoyed every one of them.

Cimba7200 said...

You grandson sounds like a nice young fellow, and he must love you. - Dave