Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July - Vernonia Style

The weekend started out with fireworks last night. On of the local residents puts on a very nice show. This evening started out with a barbecue put on by the Booster Club. I had on of the yummy cheese burgers with grilled onions. Mike had a hot dog.

After the barbecue it was time for the parade. We sat on Main Street and visited with all the passers by until the parade started. There were bicycles, horses, a fire truck, police cars, ambulances, politicians, old cars, new cars and trucks, and only one logging truck. After the parade we walked around and visited some more.

We then set up our chairs to watch the fireworks. What a show! I didn't exactly hold the cameras still, but the pictures are still okay.

The only logging truck.

They are loaded to explore.

Visiting with Tim after the parade.

Mike is ready for the fire works to begin.

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Linda Reeder said...

Your fireworks shots are very good! That's hard to do. Glad you had a good old fashioned fun Fourth.