Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Red Hat Story

The Senior Center in Vernonia serves lunches 5 days a week. The cost is $3.00. Most days there are anywhere from 9 to 15 that come for lunch, but on Wednesdays there is a full house. You don't even have to be a senior to eat, but most are. There is an oldies band that plays before and after lunch. They are very good.

Our Red Hat group had the privilege of serving the lunches. Serving involves getting the tables ready, pouring the beverages, and serving the meals. After lunch we pick up the trays, put things away, and clean off the tables, but we get lunch. It is a good community service, as well as a fun time.

Ms. Liz


We get to eat after everyone is served.

Pat is a Red Hatter and a vocal in the band.

The Oldies Band

Pat is a member of Red Hat as well as a member of the band. Eleanor, one of my bridge partners, is 92 and plays the drums.

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diane said...

What a great community you have there. 92 and playing the drums WOW.