Sunday, August 2, 2009


On Tuesday last week when it was way too hot, we went to the beach. Mom owns a little red cabin in Rockaway, so we decided to drive down for the day. We took Roxy and Kitty and headed out. We haven't been to the cabin since last August. I don't know why we don't go more often. I walked on the beach and it felt wonderful. We ate dinner out, and then threw a sheet on the bed and stayed the night. The next morning we headed out for a drive along the Northern coast. We stopped in Nehalem, ate breakfast in Manzanita, and joined the crawling traffic through Seaside, and headed for Astoria. We spent the day there in the glorious coolness. We walked along the pier, rode the trolley car for $1.00, and had a late lunch on the pier. We then drove across the Astoria Bridge and headed inland on the Washington side of the Columbia River. We went to Winco in Longview and headed home trough Clatskanie. We got home about 11:00, and the house was boiling hot. I love the seasons that we have in Oregon, but this summer is too hot for me. The escape fo two days was wonderful, but it's still HOT!

The Little Red Cabin

Twin Rocks

The hole in the rocks appears to close as you walk along the beach.

Along the Columbia River in Astoria

Sea Lions

Businesses along the old Cannery Row

The Trolley Car

Astoria Bridge


Linda Reeder said...

And it's still too hot. We're heading for the little red cabin on Tuesday. Can't wait!

diane said...

What a beautiful place and a gorgeous red cabin. You guys seem to have had a hot summer everywhere and last winter I saw there was a lot of snow too.
We are having fabulous weather at the moment. Not too hot and not too cold, springtime ha come early.(Hope summer doesn't)