Sunday, January 24, 2010

This last week I played bridge on Monday. I finished in second place. Bridge is always fun, win or lose.
On Tuesday, I subbed in high school Art. What fun! I did all the projects right along with the students. I even had my granddaughter, Kendall in class.
On Wednesday I subbed in high school Special Ed. in the morning. This was fun, also. I had a meeting in the afternoon with some P.E.O. sisters. We are hosting a Founder's Day luncheon on February 13th, and we were making plans.
No work on Thursday. I drove a carload of ladies to Hillsboro in the evening for bunco at Michelle's house. I had the most buncos and the last bunco, so I went home $28 richer.
On Friday we went to Hillsboro and then decided we would go to Spirit Mountain, an Indian Casino. I had a good time, and came home with more money than I went with.
On Saturday we went to Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course for a Founder's Day luncheon. What a lovely time we had. One of our members, Lois, had transferred to the Hillsboro chapter, and they invited us as guests. Lois had been a member of our Chapter for 59 years, and has now been a member one year in Hillsboro. They honored her for 60 years in P.E.O.
Saturday night we played couples bunco at Dolly and Jerry's house. We always have a good time, but we didn't win.
The Clubhouse at Pumpkin Ridge A lovely room
Coni and me

Tobie, Myrhinna, Patricia, and Lois, a 60 year P.E.O. sister

Carol, Allison, and Claudine

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Linda Reeder said...

You have so many great activities and so many good friends. good for you.