Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Day

After Christmas last year, I purchased some "bargains" for 75% off. I got Christmas socks, Christmas towels, and some elf costumes for the boys. They were elf shorts and an elf hat. I gave everyone their pre Christmas presents before Christmas. The boys got quite a kick out of it. I think they decided to surprise me and really wear them. So they got long johns to wear under them, then Stacey found comic underwear. But the real gag turned out to be on Tim. Stewart had decided that they would wear their outfits on Christmas Day, and Tim got mixed up and wore them to our house on Christmas Eve. He took it well, and wore them again on Christmas Day.
Stewart and Stacey served Prime Rib and King Crab on Christmas Day. What a Treat! What a nice day we had.
Kathy and Kendall This is Tim on Christmas Eve In his new hat and his "outfit".
Dustin took care of Dawson, and Dawson thinks it is alright.

Almost a smile for Great Grandma Dawson wonders, What is so funny, Kendall.

The Boys

I don't think that Tim believes Dawson is NAUGHTY.

How cute they all are.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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