Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Busy Week

This past week was eventful. On Monday morning I worked for the High School Special Ed. teacher while she was training another teacher. I played bridge in the afternoon and won. I went to a Cabin in the Woods Board meeting in the evening.
On Tuesday I worked for the Middle School Special Ed teacher. Tuesday evening I went to my P.E.O. Chapter meeting.
On Wednesday afternoon I worked for the High School Health and PE. teacher. He had plans that the 7th & 8th grade P.E. classes would play dodge ball. I got over to the High School gymnasium and found out that they were using the gym for a town hall meeting. Now, what to do? I took the kids to his classroom, but we had nothing to do, so we played games. Same with the 8th grade class. 7th period was a High School Health class and I had plans for that. It was a good thing.
On Thursday and Friday I subbed for the Band teacher. I chose students to direct. They liked that and they played well. I got lucky that it went so well. The only thing is when they come into the room, they practice loud and each one playing a different tune. I just grin and bear it.
Friday after school we went to Costco, Kohls, and then we played some cards.
On Saturday I rested.

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Linda Reeder said...

Wow! I guess you certainly earned your rest!!!