Friday, January 2, 2009

What a Week!!!

On Monday I played bridge. Sally and I tied for high. Bridge is always so much fun.
On Tuesday we went to Tualatin Hills Rec. Center to watch our grandson, Logan, wrestle. Because of the weather, he hadn't been able to get to many practices, and it showed. He wasn't in very good condition, and didn't do so well. He did decide then and there that he'd better work harder if he wanted to meet his goal of winning at state.
After the wrestling match we decided that we'd better check in with Mike's cardiologist. Mike passed out on me a couple of days before. The ambulance crew checked him out at the time, and determined that he was fine, but my sister, Laurie, a nurse, told us that he'd better get checked out anyway to find out what caused the episode. The doctor put a heart monitor on him and took a blood sample. Wednesday we headed back to Hillsboro to get the heart monitor removed. The blood sample, the enzyme count, turned out fine. We won't know the results of the heart monitor check until Monday.
Wednesday evening, New Year's eve we played bunco at the Cota's. We had a good time, but most of us old fogies were yawning before midnight.
New Year's Day was supposed to be our second Christmas. The families that couldn't get to our house on Christmas eve was supposed to come. 1:00 came, dinnertime, and Scott, Tim and his family, and Stewart and Stacey were here, but no Logan and Stephanie and no Marie and children. I called up Logan and they said they didn't have a ride. Why they didn't call earlier I'll never know. Mike took off to get them. Luckily they only live 20 minutes away. I still don't know why Marie, Daniel, and Nicole didn't come. Dinner at last, at 2:00. It was worth waiting for. Stephanie and Logan open their gifts. After dessert, Tim and family decided to go home and check on the water situation. They flooded before, and certainly didn't want to again.
I took Stephanie and Logan home, and when I got back to town, I noticed a lot of activity. I drove down to Tim's house and they were deciding what to do. It was flooding. They starting moving most of their things up to our house. I make 8 trips back and forth with loads of their things in my car. Mike headed down to get gas for the generator, because when it floods the electricity goes out. By 9:00 we finished moving most of their things. As we left, the water was coming into their yard. We headed for our house to finally get some dinner. We found places for everyone to sleep. Stewart and Stacey were here, too. This morning we woke up to 5 inches of new snow. It got cold and it snowed instead of rained. I believe that saved the town from flooding again. Tim and Kathy and kids are going to leave most of their things here, because there is still a danger of flooding. More rain next week. I think they will be looking for a house on higher ground.
Logan is wainting for his next match. The coach and team are haging out.

Logan looks determined.


Logan is behind in points.

Bunco players Susan, Marilyn, and Steve

Randy, Mary, and Jeanette

Don. Bill, Nancy, and Darlene are figuring their scores.

Darlene and Marilyn are figuring out the winners. Bill C. had the most buncos.

New Year's Day dinner.

Kathy, Tim, Stewart, and Stacey .

Scott and Kendall. Kitty likes Kendall.

Stephanie is waiting for her gifts.

Logan likes his new shirt, and especially what he found in the pocket. Stephanie found her bonus in a pair of socks.

The snow is so beautiful!

The gazebo is half under water.

The river is about as high as it can be before it goes over the banks.
Let's get our fingers crossed and say a little prayer for a slow runoff and less rain.


Linda Reeder said...

Wow! I guess so. Disappointments and recoveries, near calamities and unanswered questions. But time for fun with friends too. What a week indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ilene! It is Earl Cramer-Brown of old Vernonia Golf days. Lila pointed out your blog to me. I live in McMinnville with my wife and two children. Thorgen lives a few blocks away and he and his wife are expecting thier first child in April. Little brother Corwin lives in Albany with his wife and son. My Mom and Dad live in McMinnville as well. That is all for now. is my email.
Tell everyone hello.

Linda said...

Vernonia must be an exciting place. When the weather improves I'm going to tell my husband we need to drive over there. I think he's been to Vernonia but I haven't. I hope life is better now but I'm not sure that it is. It's snowing again tonight.