Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some flooding

We drove down to the bottom of the hill that we live on this morning to find some flooding. I don't think there are any houses that are in serious danger of flooding in Vernonia, but the water is high. Rock Creek and the Nehalem River meet in Vernonia. The head waters of Rock Creek are to the North. The head waters of the Nehalem are to the South. Although there was 5 feet of snow at Timber, which is to the south, and near the head waters, they didn't get the heavy rain. Vernonia was on the edge of the real rain. To the north they got a downpour, and to the south, not so much. Rock Creek is quite high, but the Nehalem River is handling it, mostly. I hear there is still 18 inches at Timber, but the weather is a little colder. The warm wind is gone.
I believe we are going to be alright. There was even a little blue sky for awhile.
This is Rock Creek at the bottom of our hill.

Rock Creek at Hawkins Park.

Rock Creek as it flows through town. This is the swimming pool in the summer time. There is the top of a fence showing. This fence separates the little kids pool form the creek. It is almost covered.
This is where Rock creek joins the Nehalem River. The horse arena is full of water.

This is Rock Creek behind the stadium of the horse arena.

This is the Nehalem River at Riverview, 1 mile east of downtown Vernonia, still part of the city limits.

This is the same place, just a different angle. The Chinese Restaurant has water under it.

The Nehalem River headed north-east of Vernonia

The horses lost most of their pasture

A tree is caught in the electric lines.

As we headed back home, we took a couple pictures of Rock Creek again. The gazebo is flooded.

Water is coming into the garage.

This normally is a picnic area

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Linda Reeder said...

No rain here today - a nice break. It's colder here too, 42, which means snow levels are probably down in the passes.
We'll be hoping the water stops rising soon and folks are spared a repeat of last year's flooding.