Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something New

The weather has been cold here. It was 36 degrees when I walked downtown today. There is still some snow and ice around. I put sunflower seeds out for the birds. Not all birds will come to a bird feeder, so I put a board down in the front of the house and put some seeds on it. I noticed that the seeds were disappearing quickly after I put them out, but I didn't see any birds. I put some more out and watched. I caught the culprits. It was the deer. I hope the seeds are OK for them to eat. They sure liked them.


Linda Reeder said...

Oh, dear.
Great pics by the way.

Cimba7200 said...

Retirement and fixed incomes can be difficult. Family often don't realise this and expect help themselves. Difficult alright... Liked the photos of the dear. - Dave