Sunday, January 18, 2009

The sun is shining

Another busy week, but the sun is shining. On Monday, I played bridge. Didn't win, but can't expect to win every time. Monday night I had my weigh in for Vernonia's Biggest Loser. I have gained 4 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I am probably about what I started at this session. Tomorrow is the final night, and then we start another 12 week session on Feb. 9th. I am telling myself that I really want to get back in the routine of exercise and sensible eating again. I hope I can do it.
On Tuesday, we went to Costco for our monthly pill run (prescriptions). I also picked up a couple of books to read. Right now I am reading Twilight. It is a hit with the high schoolers, so I wanted to see if I like it, or not. So far, so good. Tuesday evening we had a P.E.O. meeting. We have a great group of ladies that are dedicated to raising money to provide scholarships to women.
O Wednesday I substituted in Kindergarten. It really did go alright, but I was really tired at the end of the day. I went to bed at 8:00.
Thursday was another day of substituting in kindergarten, only the other classroom. This is the classroom that gave me a run for my money the last time. They were better this time, but still had a very busy day. Thursday evening we played Bunco. I belong to a group of 12 ladies that take turn hosting bunco once a month. Rose won most buncos again. I believe she has won 6 out of the last 7 times. I don't know how she does it.
Friday I substituted in the high school for the Special Ed teacher. This was a piece of cake after 2 days in kindergarten. I helped the students with their work. Friday evening we went to Kelso and played black jack at he River Casino. It wasn't a winning evening for either of us.
Saturday and Sunday were house work days and I got a walk in both days. This evening I went to Tim and Kathy's house. Today is Jamie's 19th birthday.
I have pictures of my walk through town and around the lake. I put them in backwards this time. I must be a little tired, but I'm not changing them now.
I always like to look for the wildlife on my walk, but didn't see much this time. There is always the ducks.
and the humans. There was a lot of people walking today.

A red winged blackbird

The trees are growing out of this old building at the lake. It was part of the mill.

There were a couple of fishermen.

There is still some ice on the lake.

and frost and ice along the river. It has been cold, but beautiful.

The path along the river between Anderson Park and the lake

I looked for birds in the trees, but found this kitty instead.

This deer was in the back yard as I headed out.

The pansys that I planted in the fall are having a hard time in this cold weather.

but there are signs that Spring is coming.

Valentine's Day items decorate some windows in Vernonia.

but there are still some snowflakes around.

The deer are still looking for apples.

The end to a lovely day.

Happy Birthday, Jamie.


Linda Reeder said...

Hey, I figured you must be working since there were no new postings for a while. Your post and the one I just did are even more like!
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Oh, didn't John Denver say that?
I'm going to bed now. Good night.

Gayle said...

It's great to see all the photos of town and around the lake. I especially like the path one. I could see a photo shoot there with an over stuffed chair (a person in the chair of course)!!! Thanks for sharing as always!

Gayle said...

The path along the river, that is.

Cimba7200 said...

Hi Ilene. Thanks for visiting my site. I enjoyed your photos and enlarged several. Especially liked seeing the deer. Here they were introduced for hunting purposes, though now many farmers breed them for meat - venison. - Dave