Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve

Today would have been Steve's 46th birthday. It makes me so sad. I'm going to play pinochle this evening. That will help. Yesterday I played bridge and won.
We went grocery shopping today. We are going through a lot more groceries. Stewart and Stacey and Scott are living here. Tim and family eat most of their evening meals with us. Sunday I made a huge pot of vegetable beef and barley soup. It was so good, and healthy, too.
Tomorrow I'm making a big chicken pot pie. I bought a huge pan of brownine for dessert.
I do really need to get back on my diet, but I'm such an emotional eater.
Stewart and Stacey found a house that the insurance company is renting for them until their house is restored. The insurance company is bringing furniture tomorrow. Life will get back to normal, soon, if it doesn't flood.

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