Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Busy Week

I finished my 6 1/2 week job in Title 1 a week ago. I really enjoyed that job. I liked working with the people that I got to work with, I liked working with the small reading groups, and I liked the high school class, but most of all, I liked seeing the progress the students were making.
I did get to play bridge on Monday. Playing bridge is one of my favorite things to do. I was 35 plus and the other ladies were all minus.
I worked 1/2 day on Tuesday for Mr. Shockey, high school math. On Tuesday afternoon, we went to Spirit Mountain Casino. We met the Daileys and the Wilcoxins there and had the buffet dinner. WOW! What good food. We played the machines for a while, but didn't win.
Wednesday, we went out in the valley for plants. Then in the afternoon, we planted them. My patio looks great now. On Thursday I worked for Mrs. Murphy. All this week was Spirit week in the Elementary school, and Thursday was hippie day. Thursday evening we played bunco. There are 12 of us ladies. We have a great time.
Friday I subbed for Robin Murphy again. This was pajama day, so I went to school in my pajamas and slippers. Friday evening we took Scott and Daniel out to birthday dinner. Happy 43rd birthday, Scott.
On Saturday we went to Molalla to Mom's house. We met Laurie and Arnold there and headed for Adam's Cemetery. We put flowers on my father's grave, and reflected on the happy times with Dad. Laurie and Arnold headed for Canby and then the coast, while we took Mom to lunch in Oregon City. Another good meal. We then went back to Molalla through Meadowbrook and Clarks, and stopped at the old family plot at the Clark's Cemetery. George Washington Hofstetter, my great-grandfather, and my mother's grandfather, and his family are buried there. We took Mom back home and headed to Mt. Calvery Cemetery. My sister, Betty Jo, and Mike's father and mother, and his aunts and uncles are there. We then went back home to Vernonia, and stopped at the Vernonia Cemetery to spend a few moments at Steve's and Rick's final resting place.
On Sunday, I went to church, and then I went to Senator Wyden's open house.
On this Memorial Day, we went to the service at the cemetery.

I walked to Sally's house to play bridge. I always enjoy the flowers along the way.

Hippie Day

The Timber Wolf was there, too

The adults really liked hippie day, but the kids liked it, too.

The flowers are bought and planted.

Mike puts tomatoes in the porch box. The pansies are in the flower bed.

Some of the bunco winners.

Pajama Day

Adams Cemetary

Vernonia Cemetary

Ron Wyden

Mike is enjoying a nice sunny day.

So is Roxy

Memorial day Services

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Linda Reeder said...

Remembering Steve and Rick.
Remembering your loss.
War did not take them, life did.
But life can be beautiful too.
I'm so glad you are finding the beauty in yours.