Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Kind and Caring Staff

We have a very kind and caring staff at Washington Grade School. Both Certified teachers and the Classified staff go the extra mile for the students and other staff members.

Glenda, in the library, has a theme and reading contest each year. This year the theme was Route 66, and the windows and wall were all decorated to match the theme. During the book fair, she had several people bring their classic cars, as an encouragement to get books in the home, so children would read more. Glenda always has a smile and a friendly hello. She helps with the program that sends flowers to fellow employees that are ill, organizes parties and celebrations for new babies or retirements.

Angie is always there for kids. She is the main person that works with the bus drivers to make sure the students are on the right buses. She is the right hand person in the Title 1 program. Our school is facing many difficult money problems right now. One of the things that is being cut is the bottled water program. Our building is over 50 years old and the pipes are corroded. Bottled water is a necessity. Angie donated money to buy water.

There are many more things that the staff does for the kids and each other. Some teachers are willing to cut days and salary, so that they can keep teachers. Teachers give up sick days to other teachers. People bring in treats for others. There are always warm and friendly smiles.

Thank you, staff.

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