Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happenings in Vernonia

It was a very nice and sunny day in Vernonia on Saturday. Some of the events that were happening were Vernonia Clean-up Day and Open House at the Fire Department. It is nice to live in a small town, where you can see many people give their time and effort for others and the town. As I wandered around town, I caught several people giving of themselves.
The sign-up volunteers

This little guy was doing his share to make Vernonia shine.

These guys were headed down to help.

Cleaning the Learning Center

Volunteers are creating a court yard. This is part of the Ford Family Project.

What a great little worker.

After the clean up, everyone was given lunch.

The main cook

A family affair

Museum sitting. Tobie has on the same hat, but a different volunteer job.

Hamburgers were provided by the Lion's Club


Linda Reeder said...

There is a specialness about small towns.

diane said...

What a great idea. Terrific to see all ages participating. It sure looks like a happy little town.

Gayle said...

Vernonia really knows how to do community!!

What building was that that the Lions Club provided hamburgers at?

Laurel said...

Thanks for sharing.My husband,Fred and I grew up in Vernonia and graduated in '57 and now live in AZ. With all your pictures it's like taking a stroll around town :)) You were treated to just an awesome Mother's Day at the park too. I'm impressed with the participation on cleanup day. On an earlier blog I believe I spotted a well loved classmate of ours,Betty, with your Red Hat group. Thanks again.