Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Very Special Physical Education Teacher

Last week Gayle asked me who was responsible for planting the tulips during red ribbon week, so that the children would be reminded to be drug and alcohol free, when they bloomed. I found out the answer. We have an amazing P.E. Teacher in Washington Grade school in Vernonia that organized the idea, got the ground ready, and helped the classes plant the bulbs. I also found out that this is only one of the wonderful contributions that he makes for the kids of Vernonia. I started making a list of the things that people were telling me, and here it is. I'm sure there is more.
He started a program for teachers called Healthy Breakfasts. One morning a month the teachers have a breakfast, the teachers take turns bringing things. His motto for teachers is, "Healthy teachers teach better, healthy kids learn better. one step at a time." Along with that is the pedometer program. The entire staff was given pedometers by this teacher. Each week they turn in their pedometer readings, and prizes are awarded to the top walkers for the week.
The school has a 4 b's progam. Bee responsible, Bee respectful, etc. and the students are awarded bee bucks for good behavior. They get to buy things at the bee bucks store and are awarded bee bucks prizes. The P. E. teacher is King Bee. He dresses in a Bee costume and greets the children and encourages them to have a good day.
He spear headed a "Bike or walk to school day". Every student and staff member that was able to, rode their bike or walked to school that day.
He has a program along with the Portland Trail Blazer basketball team that awards students tickets to a game for positive behavior.
He is a member of the P.B.S team, a positive behavior program.
He heads us and encourages students and parents to save box tops, Campbell soup labels, and recycle cell phones programs.
He started a Jazzersize program for staff members in the morning before school, and got Mrs. Miller to be the volunteer leader.
He teaches P. E. skills during his P.E. classes, including bowling, and organized a field trip for fifth graders to go bowling.
He taught jump rope skills and tricks, and ran the "Jump Rope for Heart" program that collected money for American heart Association.
He organized the "Run for the Arts" program that collected $2553. 43 this year, so that the kids of Vernonia can be exposed to the Arts. He told the fifth graders that if they would run 15 laps, that he would shave his head. One student did, and that student got to help shave his head in front of the entire student body.
He is constantly encouraging exercise and healthy eating. He is an inspiration to us all.
The tulips are blooming

Pedometers for the entire staff.

He constantly encourages the students

and that very special P. E. Teacher is Mr. Spalding.


Mr. Spaulding said...

Thank you Mrs. Grady. That is very touching. I appreciate your kind words. I enjoy working with you. Take care.


Mr. Spaulding

Anonymous said...

George is an amazing young man and we are all very proud of him and all that he does. He had an awesome mentor in a teacher named Henry Kaulia and George continues to demonstrate those same mentoring skills wiht everyone he comes into contact with. We loved having George here at Pacific Univeristy and I know how much you folks love having him there in Vernonia! He continues to make a difference in someones life!
Great job George!
Jeff Grundon
Pacific University!