Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Red Hat Outing

Last Saturday we had a Red Hat outing in Longview, Washington. Yes, we went out of state for this good time. Actually, it is only about 35 miles away. I drove one car, and we headed out from Vernonia. We stopped along the way to make sure Fran could see the wild trilliums that were growing along the way. The Old Creek Cafe was a great place to eat. They had all sorts of sandwiches, wonderful coffee drinks, and other drinks, and super desserts. I chose a taco wrap on a sun-dried tomato tortilla. I had a snickers coffee drink, and boysenberry cobbler for dessert.
Pat and Betty gave us each a little dolly, all dressed in purple. They each read a Red Hat poem.
After lunch we walked up the street to The Red Hat Thrift Store, but it didn't have any red hats. On our way back to Vernonia, we took another route so that we could go to the Black Buggy Furniture Store, an Amish furniture place. What beautiful stuff they had! I could only afford to buy a couple of quilted apples.
When we left there we headed south and we were sure we could run into the Fern Hill Road which leads into Apriary Rd, which goes to Vernonia. After all, all roads lead to Vernonia. Well, we got lost. A kind man, working in his yard was able to get us straightened out, and we made it back home. A nice outing, with great company, and a lot of laughs. Thank you Pat and Betty for planning it.




Pat, in her bra hat

Pat and Pauline

Mother and daughter

Betty is reading a Red Hat poem

We were walking to the thrift store. Notice the flowering trees along the street.

At the Amish store

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diane said...

I just love those Red Hat outing stories. Looks like lods of fun.