Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hofstetter / Mohr Reunion

My mother's maiden name was Hofstetter, and her mother's birth name was Mohr. My grandmother was born a Mohr, but was adopted by the Starks when she was one year old. She didn't know that she had a brother, Henry, until he came to see her before he entered World War I. My grandmother married Otto Hofstetter and came to live on a farm in Meadowbrook.
During the depression when things were really bad in Nebraska, with insects, dust bowls, and just no money, Henry Mohr brought his family west to Oregon and stayed with Meta and Otto. My aunt Alma said, "When we came home from picking hops, there was seven more people living with us."
The Mohrs have prospered in Oregon, and they have stayed in touch with the Hofstetter family. Every summer we have a family reunion to visit with our kin. I have been to several, and had the privilege of attending yesterday.
A favorite thing about family get togethers is the potluck.

Myron, Mike, and Tom

Uncle Don Hofstetter, Aunt Alma. Bill Mohr, no relation to the other Mohrs, but married to my cousin Susan, Don, and Mom

The Mohrs
It was fun to visit with everyone and learn some fascinating family history.
Thank you Myron and Nancy for hosting.

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Linda Reeder said...

Good report, Ilene. and I really enjoyed visiting with you!