Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today is Mom's 87th birthday. It was a privilege and an honor to spend it with her. Mom can't see very good, hear very good, and is quite arthritic, but not much gets by her. We took her out to dinner this afternoon at Arrowhead. She enjoyed her salmon dinner. We came home to her house and I presented her with her gifts, both Christmas and birthday. We had planned on getting to Molalla before Christmas to see her, but the weather didn't cooperate.
We got her a couple pair of 4.0 reading glasses, and they may work. We told her they were only for reading and not to walk around with them on. I hope she will remember. She could read the dates and birthdays on the calendar. We got her a huge supply of books, mostly large print. She tried reading one of the small print books and she could with the glasses. I'm optimistic.
The basket was full of goodies.

Checking out her new jewelry with the reading glasses on.

She liked the calendar.


Gayle said...

Your mother is beautiful and a very classy lady with those stylin' reading glasses!! I love those!!! Wish her well wishes from a stranger, me!

Linda said...

You are fortunate to still have your mother. I miss mine every day and it's been 21 years since she died. Enjoy your mom while you can. She looks like a pleasant lady. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Reeder said...

I tried to call Mom yesterday on my cell phone, but her phones weren't working. I called her late this afternoon. She had just come inside from cutting off dead plants that had died in the freeze. We need to do that too, but it seemed much to cold for me!
She said you had come yesterday to celebrate her birthday, and I was so grateful that you and Mike did that! Great post, Ilene.
Sister Linda