Sunday, March 29, 2009

A wedding and a 40th wedding anniversary celebration, all in one day

Saturday morning we took off fairly early to get to Molalla to pick up Mom. My brother, Henry was getting married. The wedding was at 2: o'clock, but they were taking pictures before, so they wanted Mom there by noon. We arrived in Molalla at 11:00 and headed for Oregon City and the church. After a couple of wrong turns, we got her to the church on time. I took pictures, also, and tried to stay out of the photographers way. Cindy has never been married before, but has a large family, with a lot of special nieces and nephews.
Henry and Cindy dated 30 years ago and recently met again at my sister, Laurie's 40th anniversary party. My brother-in-law Arnold is a cousin to Cindy.
My brother's children were their attendants. Jason got a weekend pass from the military in order to be the best man.
The wedding was beautiful.
Henry and Cindy, with Jordan, Jessica, Mom, and Jason

Glamorous Jessica

Father and son
Cindy's dress was beautiful, and she looked lovely. Henry didn't look too bad, either.

My husband, Mike, got bored with all the picture taking, and took a nap, and I caught him.

Lovely Jordan

The guests begin arriving. This is my niece Katie, and my sisters, Linda and Laurie

Linda and Tom

Laurie, Hannah, and Arnold

One of my favorite aunts - Aunt Alma and her friend, Don. They went to high school together, married other people, both lost their mates, and found each other.

My favorite Uncle Don and Aunt Jean. They have been married 54 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Norquist

Hannah get a special greeting

Laurie, with Jody, her daughter-in-law, and grandsons, Larson and Oliver

Cutting the cake

Last minute good bye to Jordan

A toast to the couple ( Apple Juice)
After the ceremony we went into Portland to the Rheinlander, a German restaurant for Linda and Tom's anniversary dinner. They had eaten there when they go engaged 40 years ago.
Tom and Linda

Arnold and Laurie


Mike and I

The waiter sang German songs, and a love song, also

After dinner, we took Mom back to Molalla. We got lost in Portland, but finally found our way. We then headed for home. What a long, but lovely and wonderful day.


Linda Reeder said...

Thank you, Ilene, for all of the photos, and the great companionship.
Sister Linda

Kay said...

What a beautiful wedding! I loved looking at the gorgeous dresses amd definitely Linda and Tom. Happy wishes to the beautiful couple. May they have as wonderful a marriage as you and Linda.

Gayle said...

What a beautiful wedding and looks like a fun anniversary celebration. You had to of been exhausted...but a good exhaustion.

Dave said...

Looks like you all had a great time Ilene, and made some memories. - Dave