Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Week

Last week was spring vacation for the schools. D.J. went to Eugene to be with his mother and sister for most of the week. Because of the economy, Scott is laid off and on unemployment, so he went to California with a friend, so we had part of the week to ourselves.
On Monday, Sally called to see if I was playing bridge. I told her I would be there with bells on. I found some bells and wore them. We all had a good laugh. My cards were terrible,and I went the first two rubbers without winning even a game. I decided to take those bell off, and the cards got better. I ended up winning High.
On Tuesday we went to see the tax man. Taxes are certainly a necessary evil. We play quarterlies, as well as having some taken out of our checks. I hope we don't have a big bill.
On Tuesday evening we had P.E.O. Our newest member, Allison, was the hostess, and we met at the library. Our latest money-maker for scholarships is to sell plants and bulbs for summer. I'm not very good at selling, but I'll buy some myself.
On Thursday we went to the casino and played black jack (21) for awhile. I didn't win, but Mike did. I just don't understand it. I'm a better card player than he is. (So I think)
I had a few lazy days, but one thing I did accomplish is to clean up my computer. I had a lot of old pictures and e-mail, so dumped them.
On Friday I got my gifts ready to go for the next day. On Saturday we need to get to Molalla, 80 miles away, to pick up Mom to get her to the church on time for pictures. My brother is getting married.

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