Sunday, March 29, 2009


The week of the 16th was eventful. I worked on Monday, instead of playing bridge, because I didn't know if I would be working any other days. I worked for the high school social studies teacher. I was a good day. During the day I got a call from the grade school secretary asking me if I wanted to be the music teacher the rest of the week. I agreed. I didn't have any lesson plans to follow, so I went on line and found music word searches, music crosswords, music color sheets, etc. I had 1st graders through Jr. High. The music teacher has a pretty tight schedule with classes coming in back to back. We wrote raps and preformed them with the Jr. High chorus, and did color sheets while the first graders listened to music, and everything in between. It was a tiring week, but the kids and I had fun, while learning something, I hope.
I told you about the red hat parade and party on Tuesday. On Thursday we played bunco. Bunco is a dice game. I all depends on luck. We put $5 in the pot, and the person with the most buncos get $25. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, consolation, and boobie. We played in Forest Grove at Doris's house. I drove the van and took 6 of the ladies with me. I had a great time, but no money.
Marilyn and Michelle

Doris, the hostess

Rose, Tonya, and Mary

Mary, Sunny, and Carol

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