Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been two weeks

It's been two weeks since I added anything to my blog. It's not because I haven't done anything, actually I've been pretty busy. On St. Patrick's Day, a couple of the Red Hatters and myself rode in the parade. I drove my van, decked out in green, and we tossed candy to all the little children. I heard so many children say, "Hi, Mrs. Grady" I really enjoy teaching the children of Vernonia.
After the parade we had a Red Hat St. Patrick's Day party. We brought green food, and wore a little green with our red and purple. We played games after we ate. A fun night was had by all.Pat


WE learned a new game

This group played Yahtzee

Pat is wearing her Bra hat. Isn't it cute.

Rose and Sunny

Pauline, Pat, and Betty


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Gayle said...

Those friendships and connections are so important! You are doing very well in that department! :0)