Sunday, March 8, 2009

More SNOW!

It started snowing yesterday and we woke to more snow this morning. I certainly is beautiful, but enough is enough. Daniel has enjoyed the snow, though. They don't get very much snow in Eugene.
I had another busy week. On Monday I played bridge. I was the winner. On Monday evening i recruited Scott and Daniel to help me clean house. Then we all sat down to watch Axman on The History channel. Axeman is about logging and one of the logging operations on the show is Pihl Logging in Vernonia. It is fun to watch people you know. Our son, Tim, is on occasionally (he's a mechanic) and Dustin is our granddaughter's boyfriend. Daniel got quite a kick out of it. he kept asking his Dad (Scott) if that was like the machine he operates.
Mike had two doctor's appointments on Tuesday. He had been having tightness in his chest, so his doctor sent him for an EKG and blood work. Everything turned out fine. Tuesday evening i hosted pinochle club. We have two tables. Mary, Jeanette, Sharon, Mary Ann, Carol, Darlene, Nancy and I had a good time. I didn't win at pinochle.
On Wednesday I subbed in Junior High. I got to see Daniel in action. I also got an earful at lunch, and when I got home, his father got an earful. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel you have to do your schoolwork. School is for learning, you know. Finally, I arrived home after picking up Daniel and Kendall after homework club and going to the store. Kathy's birthday was today, and I picked up a cake at the store in case they came up. (I had asked them.) I had put a pot of beans on in the morning and Mike had tended it all day. Good old navy bean soup. Kathy, Tim, and Kendall didn't come up, so I headed to bed early.
On Thursday I subbed for the elementary Title 1 teacher. I helped with testing, had small reading groups, and a high school reading class. It was a good day. Dana had brought up some chicken noodle soup that Tony had made. Thank you, Dana. I was tired and I didn't know what I was going to fix for dinner.
On Friday I didn't work, so we went to the Casino. Neither of us won, so that all for this month. On Saturday and today I did the wash and some house cleaning. I also managed some time on the computer.


diane said...

Beautiful snow pictures. It is taking a while for Spring to come like here we are waiting for some cooler weather.

Linda Reeder said...

as you will see from my blog, we had snow in Seattle AGAIN too. So we have gone to Arizona!