Saturday, June 13, 2009


I haven't been blogging for awhile. My life has been busy, and my brain has been full, so it has been hard to concentrate. I hope you all didn't give up on me.
We still have deer that come visit. Roxy is not too sure about whether to be friends, or not. I like the deer visiting, but they are eating my flowers!!!
The rhododendrons in my yard were very beautiful. They are starting to wilt and drop off now, I wish that the flowers lasted longer.

School is out now, but I worked 12 1/2 days this pay period. I even worked the next to the last day of school. It was third grade and we were to work in the morning, and then my job was to have them clean out their desks and get their desks clean. I sprayed shaving cream on their desks, let them play in it for awhile, and them have them clean the desks off. (teacher's instructions) After the desks were clean they were supposed to silent read for the rest of the day. It was a long day.

I'm back to playing bridge on Monday, and I had the high score again last Monday.

Logan graduated from high school, but that's another story.

I went to the Vernonia graduation, and that, also, is another story.

We had a retirement party for two of the teachers yesterday. Nayan was there, but Cathy wasn't. Her new grand baby was born that morning and she was at the hospital. Another boy for Justin, also a teacher.

We had our last pinochle group on the 2nd of June. We take the summer off. We had a Red Hat activity during First Friday.
Just busy, busy, busy.


Linda Reeder said...

Good for you that you have so many activities to participate in.

diane said...

What huge flowers. So beautiful. There are plenty so hopefully deer wont do too much damage. I have wallabies eating mine.
Our school year doesn't end until December (our summer) I have been working a ten week contract helping kids who don't pass the benchmark tests. I only have 3 at a time, so it is much easier than classroom teaching. I only have 2 more weeks to go. Then I can sleep in on these cold mornings.