Monday, June 29, 2009

Museum Sitting

The Vernonia Museum is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the Spring and Summer months. It is managed and operated by volunteers. I am a member of the museum, so once in awhile I take a turn at sitting. This means that I open the museum for visitors and sit there and answer questions if I can. I had a turn one Sunday in June. I also spend some time looking around, you can never see it all. There are some very old things, and some not so old things, some very interesting things, and some not so interesting, at least to me. If you are ever in Vernonia, I recommend that you stop and take a look.

Vernonia was named for one of the first school teacher's daughter, Vernona.

Others settlers were the Parkers, the Woods, the Van Blaricans, and others I don't remember.

Vernonia once had the largest mill in the world. Logging has always been the major industry in this area.

The Oregon American Lumber Company

My husband, Mike, even worked there during the summers when he was in high school, and after high school for awhile. His father, uncle, and cousins also worked there.

The movie, "Ring of Fire", was filmed in Vernonia.

There are some really old things, like a calendar showing the month and year that I was born.

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Linda Reeder said...

Cool to see Mike's name on a documment. And that last item - really old indeed!
How did that happen so quickly, getting old, that is?