Monday, June 29, 2009


June was a busy month. I attendad two graduations, Logan's and Vernonia's, two red hat activities, fishing a couple of times, clam digging, a P.E.O. Convention in Eugene for three days, a P.E.O. meeting in Hillsboro, Logan and Danielle's graduation party, mueum sitting, pinochle, my annual physical, shopping, serving at the Senior Center, working in the yard and flowers, and of course, playing bridge every Monday. Today was a bridge day, and I was high again. Sally and I bid seven no trump and made it. What an exciting hand!

P.E.O. Convention in Corvallis at Oregon State University. Carol was our delegate and Tobie and I went with her.

Logaan and Danielle are looking at the scrap book that I made for Logan. He liked it very much. There are pictures of his whole life in it.

Fishing on the Columbia River is fun, except you don't catch any fish. You cast your pole into the river, put it in a pole holder, put a bell on the pole, and wait for the bell to ring. In the meantime you visit with family, read a book, play cribbage, and eat. It's a nice way to try to catch a fish, but the fish are few and far between. No one in our family has caught one yet. We fished on father's Day and again on last Sunday.

We celebrated Betty'd 73rd birthday with lunch at Black bear.

We went to our P.E.O. meeting at Lois's house in Hillsboro. She has been a member of our Chapter for 59 years, but recently demitted to Chapter CT in Hillsboro. We presented her with a pin and a certificate.


diane said...

You certainly live life to its fullest, good on you! I just love the red hats.

Linda Reeder said...

Love the butterfly pic! You have had a good month of June. So good to see the family enjoying themselves on the bank of the river.