Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vernonia's Graduation

I taught 5th grade for about 10 years, after being an aide for 15 years, then going back to school and getting my degree at age 50. Another class of my kids went through graduation last week. Fourteen of my fifth graders graduated from Vernonia. I give them each a card with a picture of their fifth grade class.

Vernonia had a very nice graduation. There was laughter and tears and proud graduates. I wish them all much success and happiness in their life's journey.

Both Tricia and Tim were in my fifth grade class.

Rebekah was one of my top fifth graders.

Congratulations Cody

Tyler is still having fun.

Way to go, Tara.


Samantha was always a good student, now valedictorian

and she won the Senior Cup.

Joe, how did you get so tall?

Tara and Jillian


Linda Reeder said...

It's so nice that in a small town you can keep track of your former students and follow them all the way through.

diane said...

A big day for those young men and women. I bet you feel chuffed that you had some input into their education.