Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bazaar in Vernonia

Each year, the first weekend in December, Vernonia has a bazaar. It is put on by the Booster Club of the Vernonia Schools. They sponsor students in athletics throughout the year. The Boosters have the food concessions and sell tables.
P.E.O., providing educational opportunities for women, has a table. We sell wreaths and homemade candy, cookies, and gift items. My contribution is a calendar. My theme for the calendar this year was Lake Vernonia, and the linear trail. I take pictures throughout the year to publish in the calendar. I make the calendar from pictures to finished product. I am very proud of the calendars and my contribution to P.E.O.
This is the calendar.

I made 32 of them and we sold them for $12.00 apiece and I believe they all sold.

This if one of the pictures from the calendar.

Another picture in the calendar.

This is P.E.O.'s table at the bazaar. Claudine has the first shift.

A view of the bazaar from the east entrance.

The senior class is making money for their senior class. I had my pictures taken with Santa and Mrs. Santa, Taylor.

Carol, my good friend, is selling raffle tickets for the Vernonia Cares. This money goes for food for the pets of the families that need a little help.

These gals are working for the Boosters. They are selling food items, home made rolls, soup, pizza, nachos, and more. The pies are delicious.

The parents of seniors are helping them out.

The band is raising money for a trip.

Vernonia Cares, Vernonia's food bank, is raffling of several really nice baskets. The money go toward Christmas baskets for those people that need a helping hand. Barbara gets help from her daughter and grandson.

Penny is a wonderful crafty person. She has some beautiful things to sell at her table. Penny and I have known each other for a long time. We worked together at ViewMaster. Our most memorable time is my last day of work. We were on our way home when the Columbus Day storm hit. The winds whipped my little Volkswagon bug around. The hood blew open. I got out to close it, and the wind was so strong that I couldn't get my door closed. Penny came to the rescue. We had a long and scary night before we were able to get home. I was 7 months pregnant with Steve.

The Lions are selling poinsettias.

The Spanish club in the high school is raising money for a field trip.
The bazaar was fun and profitable.

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Linda Reeder said...

Ilene, great post! I don't remember your columbus Day adventure. I guess we need to share more stories from the past!
We got back this afternoon from Whidbey Island. Now I have to get busy. Christmas letter, cards, gift wrapping and shipping to colorado all have to be done in the next few days!