Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Calendars

The gifts are all under the tree, quite different from the old days when we had a real tree and packages that filled half the living room. This year everyone get a gift bag with either slippers, lounge pajamas, or shirts for the guys. They also get other odd and ends, like socks, pins, but there is also a gift they won't return - money. That way they can get what they want or need.
My sister and brothers and their familys get a gift from me that they also won't return. I make a family calendar. Each month family members send pictures of happenings in their family. My nieces, Jill and Katie, are the best at sending pictures. Then I load the pictures on a page. On the calendar side of the page is everyone's birthday. I started doing this several years ago for Mom, but now everyone wants one. It's my pleasure.


Linda Reeder said...

Yes, we do. My old one is hanging right here over the computer.

JIRG said...

Ours is by the computer too and the kids love turning to the next month and checking everybody out. Its a big event each month.

Gayle said...

Tell me your secret of getting family members to cooperate with you on sending photos, please! :0)