Saturday, December 27, 2008


Vernonia is a good place to live. After the power went out the first time before Christmas, the city dignitaries got together. We had about 2 feet of snow, and they knew the power would go out again. There was just too much snow on the trees over the power lines. They had Vernonia declared in a state of emergency (I think that's right) So, on Christmas Eve day, at 1:30, when the power went our again, they called the Red Cross. They brought in a huge generator and opened the middle school so people could be warm and have hot meals. Gretchen Lindauer, the head cook for the schools, and her family put their heart and soul out and cooked the meals. George and Donna Tice also helped with the cooking. Many others also volunteered their time. I don't know the numbers yet, but many meals were served. We went down for a meal last night and it was wonderful. At night the tables were put up and cots were brought put up for people to have a place to sleep.
The children (and adults) were entertained.
Their were videos for the children and adults to watch.

Some families drew and colored together.

The city officials had their own table and kept making the important decisions. Mayor Sally is a hard working, kind person, and the city is so lucky to have her. The city counsel in small towns is all volunteer.

Ms. Lindauer helps her Mom with the biggest smile.

Donna Tice, the Lindauer girls, George Tice, and Gretchen served turkey for Christmas dinner.

Some people played games.

Lila groomed her dog.

Many share conversation and the warmth of being there together in a tough situation.

Thanks again, Gretchen and Terry!

The power came on this morning, the 27th, at about 2:30.
We thank the Lord!

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Linda said...

A total heart warming story. There's something to be said for small towns.