Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Week

What a busy week I had again this week. I was called Monday to substitute, but decided to play bridge. Tuesday I substituted in the high school computer lab. Is was an easy day. I was supposed to keep the students working on their assignments and not playing games. I was fairly successful.
Tuesday evening was our P.E.O. Christmas meeting, potluck, and ornament exchange. Mary was the hostess and cooked a delicious pork loin. The potluck was marvelous. We are all good cooks.

We bring gifts for the local girls that we gave scholarships to. Good friend and sisters.

The ornament exchange was fun. Carol opens the gift that I brought. She is reading the note on the package of pills (M&M's). The note says
PMS Survival Prescription
Each color has a different cure, of this fact we are sure.
When you're grouchy & mean, we recommend the green.
For times when you're down, the best choice is brown.
Orange's special coating will minimize the bloating.
The ache in your head is cured by the red.
To help you be mellow, take a dose of yellow.
If agitated too, eat a handful of blue.
If your whole life's a drag,
She really did get an ornament to go along with it.

On Wednesday I substituted for band. He had arranged that the students would watch a video about a gifted young musician. The student couldn't bring the video, so we borrowed a video from the music teacher. Mike brought down some other videos to choose from. We made it through the day.
On Thursday I substituted in the kindergarten room. This was the first time this year. They scare me. Luckily in the morning I had a helper. They are so needy and busy. In the afternoon I was all by myself. The math lesson didn't go so well, one little boy peed his pants, I had recess duty, and to top it all off, a mother brought cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. They had an inch of red or green frosting on the top. One student got the bright idea to put frosting on her lips for lipstick, and before long everyone had frosting on their faces, hands, and clothes. Luckily the mother and grandmother were there to help. I had to get the folders ready to go home, I read them one last story and sent them on their way. Boy, was I tired.
We had planned to go to town to get my prescriptions filled and a little Christmas and grocery shopping done after school. We went, but I fell asleep on the way. Going to town for us takes about 45 minutes.
On Friday (today) I substituted for the science and math teacher in the high school. This was easy again. Give me high school students any day.
This evening I finished the Christmas letter and got the cards addressed and ready to go.

While I was working, Roxy and Mike held down the fort.

We put up the tree, our first not real tree, and Mike put up some lights outside.

It's midnight and I heading for bed. Goodnight!

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Linda Reeder said...

Well, of course I had to laugh at your day in kindergarten! I'll be sure to show it to Tom.
We were all ready for our Lucia Day dinner here, but have postponed it until tuesday, hoping the weather will be more settled, even if colder. I'd let down, but we'll spend time today baking cookies.
Enjoy some slow time this weekend.