Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It was 8 degrees this morning, so this afternoon we had visitors in the back yard again. They were looking for a handout, so Mike fed them apples.

It is certainly not my lucky week. On Monday I lost playing bridge, This afternoon I substituted in the pinochle group, and got last place. This evening we played bunco and had 17 wins and 19 losses. It wasn't a complete loss, though. I had the last bunco and got $2.00.
We had a wonderful snack potluck and a gift exchange. It was a good evening.
They are predicting snow tomorrow. Oregonians are not used to harsh weather conditions. I do love the seasons, so I will continue to be an Oregonian.


Linda Reeder said...

As you can see from my blog, we had our dinner last night.
Schools were closed this morning, but we're not sure why. The predicted snow has not arrived here on our hilltop and it has been above freezing all day. None of my McMicken retired friends were willing to come for the scheduled lunch here at our house today, so I rounded up two neighborhood classified staff and we had a great lunch and visit. I'm getting my celebrations in one way or another!

Linda said...

I came to Oregon from Texas about five years ago and I love everything about it. I love the beauty and the weather. Anything is better than a hot Texas summer. I've enjoyed these snow days but of course I'm retired and do not have to go to work or get children off to school.

Gayle said...

Just beautiful (both snow and deer)! I miss the snow, but still claim to be a webfoot even though my California years out number my Oregon years. Can take the girl out of Oregon, but can't take the Oregon out of the girl, I guess. Thanks for sharing!

Ilene said...

I can't get to your blog again. help!!!